Canine Twitterer for human pleasure

Don’t you find it strange? Dogs don’t need stuff like social networking to keep in touch, as one (loving) master is all they ever need and/or want. I mean, who else is willing to remain cooped up at home the whole day long while you bring home the bacon, only to shower you with slobbery kisses at the end of the day? Such simple joys in life reflected by our four legged friends. We’re pretty sure they would find something like Twitter and Facebook meaningless even if they could read, so one deduction can be concluded from the Canine Twitterer – it is meant more for us humans to have our fun.

This tag allows a canine share its hijinks and innermost musings with all its followers on the Twitter microblogging site. A built=in motion sensor and microphone in the tag will “interpret” your pet’s activity, choosing an appropriate canine-centric message from one of 500 pre-loaded tweets. All tweets are sent from the tag to a USB receiver which is connected to your Internet-connected computer within a 100 foot radius, automatically updating their Twitter account. Guess this is good only for indoor dogs and lap dogs, since we don’t think this $29.95 device is waterproof to be used outdoors on extreme trips.