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Candy Craft Chocolate Pen requires an imagination and an empty stomach

Chocolate Pen
Chocolate comes to us hot, cold, room temperature, solid, liquid, and seemingly everything in between those categories. It’s a great way to bolster your mood thanks to the sugar kick and serotonin boost, and of course, it tastes amazing. This is more of a treat than anything, but now it will act as a double threat by being an element of a toy.

The Candy Craft Chocolate Pen is quite reminiscent of the 3Doodler, but instead of extruding plastic you’ll get melted chocolate. That’s right, you can create all sorts of neat sweets and then eat them. Surely this will only end in good things. Of course, you’ll likely have to use tubes of chocolate that are built specifically for this device, but chocolate is chocolate, am I right?

All you’ll need for this pen is chocolate and enough finger strength to press a button. Parchment paper would likely help so you can pick it up off of the table a bit easier after it hardens, but that’s assuming you’re not going to put liquid chocolate directly into your face first. Like it is with all good things, you’ll have to wait a while to get one of these at the price point of $30 in the Fall. That means it will hit just in time to help with the short stint of weight gain we always resolve to rid ourselves of at the start of a new year (and resolve to do it all over again next year).

Found via Toyland.Gizmodo

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