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Candy Cane Power Bank delivers sweet power

candy-cane-power-bankThe modern day road warrior will definitely agree with you that one of the essential tools to bring about with him or her on their travels would be a travel adapter – as well as that of a power bank. After all, a fully charged power bank is crucial in making sure that you do not have to worry about your smartphone running out of juice at the most inconvenient of moments, especially when you are in a foreign or isolated place with not a single power outlet in sight. While most of the power banks that we have seen in the past tend to be rather bland in their design, the $14.99 Candy Cane Power Bank adds a dash of festivity to it.

You can tell by the name alone, can’t you? The Candy Cane Power Bank will be able to deliver up to 3 hours of additional charge time for your mobile devices, where the festive candy cane shape fits in with your seasonal decor. It will cater for majority of the mobile devices out there such as the latest iPhones, as well as others which will rely on micro USB to power up. Best of all is, this 400mAh power bank will be able to be used as a Christmas tree ornament once it is no longer working as well as it originally did.