Candle Powered Fireflow Lava Lamp

I remember having a lava lamp that slowly warmed the lava and moved it about.  However, mine actually had a light bulb on the inside.  This lava lamp can even be used while you’re camping, since it doesn’t even require a bulb or to be plugged in.  Instead this lava lamp goes for the lo-tech approach.  To warm up the lava it only requires a handy little tea light, making it possible to take it wherever your heart desires.

If you need a quirky light for your patio, then this could work just as easily.  It’s the very first lava lamp to actually be powered by a tea light.  The retro lamp comes in 4 different colors, including pink, purple, turquoise and green.  The rest of it features cast zinc alloy base and bottle cap, plus a chrome plated finish.  Then the glass bottle is filled with that famous super secret lava.  With that small tea candle it can run for 3 hours, which is about the usual burn time for one tea light candle.  You can pick it up for $29.99 through Think Geek.

Source: RGS