Can Crusher

Can Crusher
If you like to keep your cans for recycling but find it very space-consuming to store large cans that just have air in them, you may want to consider crushing your cans. I often do this just for fun by stepping on them, but you often hit them slightly on the side which causes them to not be crushed flat.

This handy little gadget allows you to get an even crush on the can which compresses them down to 1/5 of their original size allowing you to store many more cans in a bag. It’s very easy to use, you simply pull the lever down and listen to the satisfying crunch.

It’s very handy to have around as it is mounted right to your wall which also makes it more secure so you always get a good crush on the can ;).

I think this would be a really fun way to deal with your cans and give yourself a bit more of an incentive to recycle. It would be perfect to mount the Can Crusher above a recycling bin or bag then just toss the crushed cans into it!

If you want to start crushing your cans, you can order one for just £9.99 from I Want One of Those.

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