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Camo Power Popper

Love some paintball action and yet don’t want to stand the pain or do plenty of cleaning up afterwards? There is always the Camo Power Popper that features a dozen bright hunting orange balls made out of foam. These soft foam balls will not hurt anybody, making it the perfect sport be it indoors or outdoors. We’d like to think that investing $15.99 on this would be best played indoors such as the home or office, but try not to hit fragile objects like vases or porcelain decorative items, all right? The faster the handle slides back and forth, the faster those orange balls will pump out from the nozzle. Too bad there are just 12 balls per round, not to mention the hassle of picking them up after that.

1 thought on “Camo Power Popper”

  1. Wow!! I like this new paintball gun. Worry and messy free cause of its material used. Now I can have my firing without worrying its effect. hehe

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