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The Camera Scarf will give you a professionally stylish look

Camera Scarf - Etsy

If you do any type of photography with a DSLR camera, you know how important wearing a strap is. Not having a way to catch your camera if your hands fail you is like holding an expensive time bomb. Finding the right strap is the real struggle, as you can get something that will adjust and move with you, stay in one static position, or you can go a little off-the-wall with where you keep it.

This Camera Scarf is a must-have for photographers who are looking to be just as stylish as the images they capture. These are a strap in the same sense that they are material with two clips, but they will hide the fact that you could go from fashionista to paparazzi in two seconds flat as no one is going to notice your camera right off the bat. These can be versatile in that you can wear them around your neck in a U-shape, sling style, messenger bag style, like a reverse backpack, or even like a normal stylish scarf.

These are re-purposed infinity scarves by the look of it, but for those that can’t acquire these parts easily, this isn’t too expensive of an option for a new accessory. Keep in mind that this is part fashion and part protection, so if your scarf starts to rip or wear out, you’ll need to immediately replace it. Thankfully, these aren’t super¬†expensive as they range in price from around $20-25 depending on what type of scarf you’re going for.

Available for purchase on Etsy