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Camera Cube keeps photos straight

Keep your images straight and level with Camera Cube.
Keep your images straight and level with Camera Cube.

Budding photographers tired of their images looking like a bad guy leir in Batman may want to pick up the Camera Cube to keep their photos balanced and straight.

Based on the same design as a contractor’s construction level, the bubble design enables photographers to precisely align their camera on all three axis’ to create a solidly level image. All your camera needs is a hot shoe flash mount to snap the cube on top of. Then users merely make sure the bubbles are within the leveling lines.

Features include:

• Attaches to any hot shoe
• Perfectly level photos, every time
• 1″ x 1″ x 1″ cube
• Spend less time editing, more time shooting
• 3-axis level so you can shoot horizontally or vertically

And while it will help anyone take a straighter image, when composing an image, chances are you’ll lose the composition while looking up to see if the bubbles are within the leveling lines. So the Camera Cube is probably better suited for when photographers are using tripods for those locked down, stable images. And with a tripod’s three adjustable legs, sometimes it helps to have a measurement to be sure that all three legs are evenly adjusted up or down. And the CamCube comes in handy for that as well.

All for only $15.

Hat Tip – D’Vice

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  1. I can see if you were taking the photograph in order to show how OUT of level something was, i.e. a building or landscape. Just because your tripod is level doesn’t mean your camera is.

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