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The Camera Cooler Bag keeps you locked, loaded, and ready for lunch


When you’re going out for a shoot, you should know to bring some sort of snack with you. What was only going to be a few hours snapping photos can quickly turn into eight hours of constantly contorting yourself for the perfect angle. It’s enough to make anyone hungry, and it’s better to be prepared than still being an hour walking distance from where you parked and starving.

If you’re going out for an entire day of taking photos, then there’s a good chance you’re using a decently large bag to bring all of your equipment, but if you need a lunchbox, it’s better to get one that can be dual purpose. The Cooler Camera Bag can be used as either a camera bag that can hold a larger camera, lens, and flash, or you can remove the inserts and use it as a lunch box thanks to the insulated temperature-locking walls. There’s even a place to put your phone and iPad so you won’t have to worry about bringing another bag along.

Of course you’re not going to want to put your camera in there at the same time as something that is chilling out, as water plus camera equals a bad time. However, it would be useful to have with you for food on long shoots, or can be your go-to camera bag for shorter trips out and about. This bag isn’t water-tight, so do be mindful of what you put in it (freezer packs instead of ice). You’ll be looking at $65 for this khaki rip-stop fabric bag.

Available for purchase on Photojojo