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Cambridge Audio reveals new TV speakers

ca-tv-speakerJust in case you have not noticed, TVs have become larger and larger in size over the years, while its thickness has dropped – with the largest ever visible leap being that of the fat and chunky CRTs going to fat camp and coming out as slim LCD TVs at the beginning of the revolution, which has since also seen the advent (and demise) of the plasma TV, with LED and OLED TVs being all the rage these days. Of course, with such downsizing in thickness, how does the audio department fare? TV sound, too, has progressed, although the lesser models might deliver dull, tiny, flat and lifeless audio. Cambridge Audio wants to buck the trend with their brand new Cambridge Audio TV5 and TV2 Stereo TV Bases which will deliver class-leading sound with incredibly wide sound dispersion, making either model ideal for any flat panel TV through a discrete solution that avoids the clutter of multiple surround sound speakers.

Being different from a traditional soundbar, the TV5 and TV2 are more than capable of delivering punchy performance without the need for an external subwoofer, and neither do you have to settle for the added inconvenience of wall mounting.

The TV5 and TV2 from Cambridge Audio will see the company take baby steps into a new product category. Specially designed in the heart of London by the same team of Cambridge Audio’s engineers which tuned the company’s Aero and AeroMax speaker range, the TV5 and TV2 will both come with a 100W digital amplifier that pumps out impressive power and control, whereas the built-in subwoofers guarantee that soundtracks will be able to deliver a big and full experience to match the on-screen action.

Sporting a pair of patented 2.25’’ (57mm) Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) speaker drivers, the TV2 comes with an active, down-firing 6.5’’ (165mm) subwoofer, while the TV5 throws in another 6.5’’ active subwoofer. Both models also stream high quality aptX Bluetooth audio, and the new TV5 and TV2 Stereo TV Bases will retail for $399.99 and $299.99, respectively.

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