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Call Announcing Smartphone Outpost makes life more convenient

smartphone-outpostThere are times when we would be way too busy with life to be able to juggle so many different kinds of tasks at the same time. For instance, when you need both hands to attend to a particular action item, and then there is an incoming phone call – just what do you do then? A hands-free speakerphone would certainly come in handy, whether it is a huge device sitting on the desk or in the form of a Bluetooth headset, it does not matter, as long as your hands are free to move around. The $149.95 Call Announcing Smartphone Outpost happens to be a speakerphone that connects wirelessly to a smartphone, and it does more than that – it announces the names of callers, so that you can pick and choose whether you would like to answer those calls or not.

The speakerphone will automatically pair with a smartphone when you come home (up to 200′ away), so that you can leave your smartphone to charge in another room while still being able to answer calls. Incoming calls will be answered or sent to voicemail simply by saying “Answer” or “Ignore,” and the speakerphone plays a tone to signal incoming texts and emails. The unit will hook up to a couple of smartphones at once, boast of a trio of ring tones, and does not require any kind of Internet connection to boot, and a 3-hour charge delivers up to 10 hours of talk time.