Calibur11 Base Vault targets PS3 owners now

The Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3 for short) can be said to be a success in its own right, and for the longest time, it was touted to be the cheapest Blu-ray disc player in town, and with the option to upgrade its firmware (unlike early models of other Blu-ray players), the PS3 made perfect sense from a home entertainment point of view. Gaming-wise, all the signature titles were there from the beginning, alongside some great third party titles as well.
As for the console itself, it has undergone a hardware revision along the way, looking much slimmer than what it originally was. Still, there is always room for improvement, otherwise we would all still be living in caves, won’t we? Calibur11 knows this, which is why they have rolled out the Base Vault for the Ps3 this time around instead of just for the Xbox 360 previously.

Its hugely popular Vault system of 3D Gaming Armor and accessories line will cater for PS3 owners this summer, where you are able to customize them according to color, accessory and nameplate. Needless to say, these do not only look good on the outside, but the whole idea of them being there would be to deliver additional protection to the PS3. While the PS3 isn’t something portable that needs higher grade protection, at least you won’t have unwanted knocks or scratches appear on its chassis with the 3D Gaming Armor.
Among the accessories that you can choose from would be controller and headphone holders. For a more personalized experience, there is always the presence of personalized nameplates, where you can opt from 10 background templates that can each be imprinted with a tagline in the font and color of their choice. The Calibur11 Base Vaults for PS3 will retail from $59.99 onwards and customized nameplates will cost $17.99.
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