Calculator Spycam can do the math on spywork

From what I’ve seen of James Bond lately, he doesn’t seem to visit Q’s lab anymore. If this new Daniel Craig James Bond should ever drop by Q’s lab in the new film that comes out in November, he might be impressed by the Calculator Spycam.

Yes, the calculator Spycam is exactly what you think it is, a calculator with a miniature camera mounted on it. While I’m not certain whether the side is a good spot for the lens, it would be the last place most people would look for it.

In addition to the handy calculator, the Calculator Spycam comes with some other bonus features. It comes with a 2.4 inch LCD display for viewing, and it can store of up 2GB of memory via SD cards.

The Calculator Spycam has a 1/3 inch CMOS color sensor that has a resolution of 320×240. It should be capable of recording an image from up to 15 meters away, but the tiny microphone only has a range of 4 meters.

I guess if you’re not a spy, you could use the Calculator Spycam to see if someone is stealing your stuff. Of course, you would have very little evidence if someone happened to steal the Calculator Spycam.

You should be able to get the Calculator Spycam kit for about $173.79 from the Chinavasion website.