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Caffienall is powdered caffeine that will add some ‘oomph’ to your diet


We all need a little help getting through the day. Coffee, tea, or soda are the most conventional ways of taking inĀ caffeine, but some people don’t like any of those options. You can take a 5-hour energy, or rely on the energy your food gives you naturally, but if that’s not enough for you then you’re going to need another option.

Imagine a world where you only needed to sprinkle a little caffeine on your food in the same way you would put on salt, and you’d feel refreshed. If you have a bottle of CaffeinAll, that would always be the case. This is a bottle of of non-bitter caffeine that you can sprinkle on any food or beverage when you feel like you need to put a little pep in your step. There are around 200 shots in one bottle, and the patented sifter and bottle cap will make sure you get about 100mg per shake.

Of course, the biggest problem with having access to such a huge amount of caffeine is that you may overdo it. Just to keep ourselves in check, it’s worth noting that a healthy adult can handle about 400-600mg of this stuff a day. Any more than that and you’ll start getting the shakes, going numb, and a whole other mess of issues. That being said, you really don’t want to do more than three sprinkles of CaffeinAll a day. Paying $15 will get you one bottle of this stuff, and it should last you around 2 months of regular use.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo