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The Cabelet Bracelet gives you a new accessory and charges your phone

The Cabelet

We like to look our best on a day-to-day basis, and we also need to keep our phones charged. These two things are usually separate, as our clothing can’t do much to help us juice up our smartphones unless they have solar panels built in. It is better to have a backup battery handy, but the most important part you need is the cable to plug it in.

There have been countless times where I’ve brought my backup fully charged and forgotten my cable elsewhere, making the extra battery useless. If you’re also often plagued with this bout of forgetfulness, why not wear your charging cable on your wrist? The Cabelet Charging Bracelet is a braided leather band with a stainless bronze or steel clasp that will charge your phone and have you looking mighty fine.

This comes in orange and bronze, brown and bronze, white and silver, or black and silver (there are two versions of this color combination) so you can coordinate it with your wardrobe accordingly. You’ll need to pick one of three different sizes ranging from 5-8”. This is essentially small, medium, and large, but you’ll want to make sure you measure your wrist just in case. This will eloquently bridge the gap between your nerdy and fashionista side. Currently, this will only cost you $24 ( as it is normally priced at $69.99), and is available for those who are in need of Micro USB or a lightning pin connector for their phone that is always ready for action.

Available for purchase on kyteandkey


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