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C. Crane Calamity Kit

I think we all need to be prepared for emergencies, especially when it comes to power outages. You don’t want to be the unlucky guy in a blackout, unable to find batteries for the flashlight or the radio.

This is why you should purchase the three-piece Calamity Kit from C. Crane. All three of these devices included in the kit are wind-up powered, and very valuable in an emergency.

The first item is the Sherpa LED Flashlight, which requires no batteries, and will give a lot more light to a dark area than a candle.

The second item is the Indigo Lantern, an electric lantern which can really light up a large room. It also has a tiny light on it designed for spot lighting, and, like the Sherpa, requires no batteries.

The third item is the Freeplay EyeMax Wind-Up Weather Radio. This radio has an AC/DC cable, and even has some solar polycrystalline panel. It also has a tiny LED light for spotlighting, and is capable of AM, FM, and even has access to the all-hazards Weather Band.

The Calamity Kit is definitely something that I would have wanted if Y2K had actually had been as bad as everyone said it was going to be back in the nineties. You should have the Calamity Kit just in case there ever is an actual emergency. You can get it at the C. Crane website for about $119.95.