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Why buy butter when you can churn it at home?

Butter Churn

How often do you think about where your food comes from? Does it weird you out that people not only used to know the name of the dairy farmer their milk came from, but also the name of the cow? We’ve moved on from that sort of lifestyle long ago, but it’s now a novelty to make things yourself. How many of your friends can say they bake their own bread, grow their own produce, or make their own butter?

If you love the idea of making everything yourself but don’t know how to go about it, then why not stick with something novel and small? This Butter Churner will let you take heavy cream and turn it into buttermilk and butter in…about 20 minutes or so. The idea of making your own butter is quaint, but not for the easily bored or those with little arm strength. This glass jar with a rubber, stainless steel, and wood mixer will give you a taste of what it used to be like in ye olden times (it wasn’t that long ago, but still).

You’ll figure out how to make fresh butter, and put buttermilk to use in scones and biscuits. Of course, this is a leisure activity as many of us can expend far less time and energy walking into a store and picking up salted or unsalted, but it will depend on your mood. This is a $38.99 purchase that will be fun to use once in a while, but try not to get too used to the taste of fresh butter, or you might become a bit of a snob about it by accident.

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