Best Buy Ads in 3D!

bestbuyad-thumb-550x518-21748If you missed Best Buy’s ad in the Sunday paper, now might be a good time to dig through your old newspaper pile and get it. No, Best Buy didn’t pay me to say that, but I can guarantee there is something more in that Sunday Best Buy ad than just their latest deal.

Yes, it appears that Best Buy is fully embracing the 3D vibe in the air today as last Sunday’s ad is capable of being viewed in 3D. Just so we are on the same page, you do not even need any special glasses.

You will need a personal computer with a webcam. Just turn on your webcam, allow Best Buy access to it, and “slowly move the weekly ad toward the camera until it is recognized”. How will you know that it is recognized? Just watch your webcam display and wait for something neat to happen, because it will.

You might notice that when you turn the ad, the 3D image will also turn in realtime. How is this possible? With our old friend, Augmented Reality.

Yes, we have covered it before with baseball cards and Avatar action figures, so why not use it as an effective means of retail advertising? I think the better question is: “why not use it again?”

If you want a chance to see this work for yourself, just go to


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