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Butterfleye delivers smart and simple wireless home monitoring camera

butterfleyeEveryone likes to go for a holiday, that is for sure. After all, there is nothing quite like winding down after a particularly long period of hard work, and a holiday will not only help recharge your mind, body and soul, it could jolly well bring you to a new level of creativity unlike any other before. The thing is, going for a holiday might be stressful for those who have a tendency to worry, as you would worry yourself sick, wondering who is going to take care of the plants in your home, as well as whether the home is secure or not. Perhaps a wireless home monitoring camera can do the trick, and the Butterfleye does seem to be a potential answer to this dilemma.

The Butterfleye has just launched on Indiegogo, where should there be enough funds collected to ensure the campaign is a success, then this smart, simple, and wireless home monitoring camera would definitely be worth checking out. It will make use of infrared technology in order to sense activity and prompt recording, providing you with “eyes” on what is happening in your home whenever you are away.

The Butterfleye will be different from other normal home monitoring cameras, as it makes use of Activity Based Recording (ABR) which will only record when humans, pets, or specific sounds are detected, hence doing away with the need for storing empty footage and significantly reducing the amount of false alarms. Of course, the Butterfleye will only be realized if it manages to raise $150,000 before mass production can kick off.

Merging the strengths of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cloud technologies, the Butterfleye will connect to your smartphone and instantly sends you notifications each time it detects meaningful events. Butterfleye will also be able to learn your routines and habits, sending you smarter notifications over time. It is also completely cord-free, allowing it to house a rechargeable lithium ion battery which can hold a charge for two weeks before requiring a recharge.

Expect Full HD 1080p recording to be the standard here, and you will also end up with a day of free rolling cloud storage, including paid options for 7 days’ worth and 30 days’ worth of rolling storage. Those who would like to own the Butterfleye can place a pre-order on Indiegogo with pledge levels for the camera starting from $199 for early bird backers, and if all goes according to plan, it should begin to ship from December this year onward.

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