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This Butter Grater makes morning toast all the better

Easy Butter Grater Butter Cutter

Toast just isn’t the same without a good amount of butter on it. Real butter is far superior to margarine in pretty much every regard, but the fake stuff is easier to maneuver. If you are all about having a stick of real butter around, then your greatest challenge will be getting it soft enough to spread evenly. Most of the time a pat of butter has no intention of moving from its initial spot, and you have to just about destroy your toast to get it to move.

If you’d rather forgo the pat of butter, then why not move to a more malleable method? While there are heated and slotted knives, this Butter Grater will give you exactly as much butter as you want, without making you work extra hard to spread it. This is a very large cylinder that will fit one stick of butter, and whenever you want some buttered toast, you only need to turn the base, and butter thinner than angel hair pasta will come out. The only aid you will need is a knife to remove it from the grater and for spreading purposes.

This is very large since it spins the butter down and around the grater, and that means you’ll need a decent grip and large hands to work this. It’s made primarily of plastic with a stainless steel grate, and will cost you $44.49. It can be stored in the fridge when you’re not using it since it comes with a cover, but because it’s so bulky it might be better to stick to a smaller, cheaper solution.

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