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Busy Bee Wall Clock tells the time sweetly

busy-bee-wall-clockNot all clocks are created equal, and when it comes to a wall clock, you might want to settle for something as ordinary as a regular IKEA timepiece, or you could opt to fork out a decent amount of coin for something which is truly unique. Case in point, the $60 Busy Bee Wall Clock. Bees are an industrious lot, where this particular hive or swarm mentality will be able to pull through an entire colony in tough times, although such thinking might not necessarily work well in a human context. Still, there is something fascinating with bees, and this nature-inspired timepiece would definitely deserve a place in the living room of any home.

The Busy Bee Wall Clock is the creation of father and son team, Lance and L J Nybye, where they decided to merge the geometric beauty of a honeycomb alongside the human innovation of laser-cutting technology. This particularly delicate, hexagonal lattice was created using precision-cutting decorative plywood, where it is then painstakingly hand-glued in order to create a layered look, before it is endowed with a coat of cheerful, honey-yellow, water-based dye. There will be a solitary, laser-cut honeybee that rests in the 12 o’clock spot.