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Military Bullet Proof Underpants – Protecting your Privates

Soldiers patrolling roads in Afghanistan on foot face a multitude of dangers that wouldn’t befall them in an armored car. One such risk would be to step on an improvised explosive device (or IED) to do so, one risked the loss of limbs and extensive damage to their, well, lets just call them their “boy parts”. The Army and the Marines felt the need to do something to protect these soldiers, and taking a cue from British forces they found a solution to the problem in a knitted Kevlar material and then developed the Pelvic Protection System. This system includes two layers of protection, including a protective under-garment, called the “PUG,” and a protective outer-garment, called the “POG.” Both components of the system are worn like shorts. The PUG is worn easily under a Soldier’s pants and can be worn in place of underwear. They look pretty similar to bicycle shorts and are designed to be worn underneath your pants, real close to the skin, like kick ass leggings. Literally. The POG carries even greater ball-istic protection (I went there didnt I?) and is designed to be worn over, and in conjunction with, the PUG.  All joking aside, anything that keeps our troops even just a little bit safer is a good thing in my book and it appears that they also protect the oh-so-important femoral artery, and while it certainly cannot fully protect these guys from something like an IED blast, it can certainly assist in gaurding against some of the insidious damage caused by the explosion, like infections. The PUG is manufactured with a breathable, moisture-wicking material along the outer thighs. The inner thighs are made with a knitted Kevlar to protect the fleshy inner parts and the aforementioned femoral artery. Over the groin lies another layer of  knitted or woven Kevlar. These garments are washable, weigh in at just under 7 ounces and will retail for around 95 bucks… retail? really? No word yet on color. source ]]>

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