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Bullet Cocktail Shaker ensures a hit every single time

bullet-cocktail-shakerIf you are one who loves throwing parties from time to time simply because you enjoy the friendship and companionship all around you, then you might be interested to also learn how to make your own drinks. After all, it would also help you build a portfolio of a host who knows his or her cocktails. To do so, you will not only need the proper skills, but also relevant equipment. Why not make a statement with the £19.99 Bullet Cocktail Shaker instead?

The Bullet Cocktail Shaker would be an instant hit for those who come across it, as it enables you to create some seriously high-calibre cocktails. After all, those with a license to kill prefer to have their martinis shaken, not stirred. Made from weighty polished steel, it might not quite be bullet proof, although it is more than tough enough to unload round after round of ‘lethal’ shots to your guests. The Bullet Cocktail Shaker will boast of a 4 part spill-proof construction that has been specially designed for professional mixologists, and at the end of the night when dark creatures come out to play, you can even use this to slay a werewolf, now how about that?