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Bullerjan’s new take on wood stoves

I’ve had and used a wood burning stove most of my life, but none of mine ever quite looked like this.  Usually when I think of a wood stove it involves a giant black stove, with heavy metal doors.  This does have the heavy metal front, but the outer area is a whole lot more trendy.  Plus, despite the strange looks of this stove, it is completely functional.

The steel tubes that stick out of the top and bottom have a purpose.  The cold air is drawn through the bottom tubes and the warm air is pushed out of the top.  The interesting design comes from Bullerjan.  You’ll have to actually contact them if you would like to find out the pricing on this.  It’s nice to see this created to look like something besides the usual type of stove that looks like it was built for a log cabin in the middle of nowhere.

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2 thoughts on “Bullerjan’s new take on wood stoves”

  1. I have contacted Bullerjan and it appears they do not sell these stoves in the US. I have asked if they sell them in Canada. They used to be made in Canada in the 1970s or 80s. I would love to find one for sale in NY- New England. I just missed buying one off Craigslist but it was sold before I could get to it.

  2. I just picked up a Free Flow mdl 01 #870 yesterday. It is in showroom condition and is going to be a welcome addition to my workshop.

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