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This Bulbasaur Planter is what every Pokemon Master needs

Bulbasaur Planter
If you were all about Pokemon growing up, or are still really into it, then you likely keep a special place in your heart for the show, game, and adorable trinkets related to it. Of course, we don’t want to have figurines everywhere that serve no purpose (even though we still have them). So it should only make sense that we get figures that can do more than just look cute. Of course, buying something with special functions like that normally costs quite the pretty penny, but here and there we’re┬ápleasantly surprised.

This little Bulbasaur Planter will give you both a geeky and natural aesthetic at the same time. It’s 3D printed out of ABS plastic, and can come in white, blue, dark-grey, orange, pink, purple, yellow, dark green, green, black, and red. You’ll also be able to choose between small and medium, and whether or not you want it smooth or geometrically shaped.

These are only going to cost you $7-14 depending on which size you choose, and you will also need to pick out which plant to start growing, as this is only going to get you the base. As the picture shows, a succulent or cactus would be the best choice. Of course, you could always be a bit cheeky and try to grow a Venus Fly Trap in its back as there’s no way for this to evolve.

Available for purchase on Etsy