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Build Your Own Water Powered Car (model)

I really enjoy making things with my daughter, in the past we’ve made a hot air balloon, Viking ship, countless paper mache creations and the obligatory mess (neither of us are famed for our tidiness). I’ve just come across this kit which shows you how to make a car powered by hydrogen extracted from plain old water, this could very well be our project for the summer holidays.

The kit includes all the parts you need to make your very own hydrogen powered model car along with a 96 page manual (ouch) and 30 other interesting science projects (electrolysis by solar power anyone).

I reckon I can purchase this with the peace of mind that this gadget is helping a child’s education :).

Available from Thames & Thomas found on Hippy Shopper.

4 thoughts on “Build Your Own Water Powered Car (model)”

  1. Does anyone really believe that it takes higher gas prices to motivate research and development into alternative fuel sources?

  2. I’m excitedly waiting all the changes in technology and availability of vehicles in the near future!!!

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