Build on your iPhone with LEGO Touch

lego-iphoneIf you cannot get enough of Lego in your life, carrying around thousands of bricks in your pocket is not an ideal option. Play-Nyc decided to put the multi-touch screen of the iPhone to good use by creating a “concept” where you to carry millions of Lego bricks in your pocket. This cool little concept named LEGO Touch, uses a cover-flow type interface to scroll through every Lego brick you can imagine and it allows you to build up any Lego model you want by dragging pieces around with your fingers. You can zoom in and out by moving two fingers apart in the same way you would zoom or rotate an image. All bricks on the iPhone are in what Play-Nyc call a “Brick-Bin” and are ready at the touch of the screen.

Please note that this is concept at the moment unfortunately although it does represent what you might see in the coming months.

Other features of LEGO Touch is the ability to email your friends new creations either via email or SMS. For those with a gaming side to them a “build-off” competition is available where you can battle out your Lego building skills with your friends.

The best part of LEGO Touch for the iPhone is that you now no longer need to spend 10 minutes tidying up at the end. Just close out the application and your done 🙂 I just wish it was an application and not concept right now. No doubt with the Apple SDK launch, this app could be available soon.

Play-nyc Source – markpascua

Guest Post by Matthew of Gadget Venue.