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Build Your Own Jumping Robot ought to help you kill some time

jumping-robotDuring the holiday season, the weather might not be all that great for those of us living in places where snowfall amounts to the feet – and not inches. Well, being cooped up at home does not mean that you should not indulge in a few rounds of video games, but neither do you need to remain glued in front of the TV all day long. What about tickling the imagination and brain with the $49.95 Build Your Own Jumping Robot?

This is one interesting kit which will be able to teach children the basic ins and outs of robotics and mechanics, and this is achieved through the construction of a robot which is capable of jumping. Well, better jump around than to actually lop off someone’s head due to an AI that has gained self-awareness and figured out that humanity is a threat that needs to be exterminated, right? This unique project will feature clawlike hands and a blue helmet, complete with a central spring and a couple of snail-shaped cams located within each arm. When turned on, the cams will rotate and compress the spring; storing up enough energy so that when released, the robot will bounce off the ground. Running on a couple of AAA batteries, this jumping robot does sound like fun Рjust like any other robot projects that we have seen in the past.