Bugatti Vera Kettle doesn’t come cheap

Bugatti Vera Kettle

I have rituals when it comes to my tea that are so set in stone that it’s dangerous to go mixing them up.  However, the things I do have to make the tea aren’t anything special.  They’re just your average low cost items, they just happen to be ones I like.  As much as I love my tea, I really don’t feel the need to spend a ridiculous amount on it.  However, if you love having the top of the line items, this Bugatti Vera Kettle will help you make your tea in style.

The kettle has special electronic controls for all of the functions required to keep the tea kettle up and functioning.  It can achieve temperatures between 45 and 100 degrees Celsius.  The screen and all of the buttons are located on the handle itself.  The screen displays a clock and includes a self-timer that sets and regulates the tea kettle.  The kettle can be programmed to make sure that your tea is done when you need it to be, like on a coffee break or first thing in the morning.  To get this Bugatti Kettle it’s only going to cost you a measly £185.00 or about $300 from Where Did You Buy That.

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