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Bug Blasting Blunderbuss makes short work of pesky insects

bug-busting-blunderbussInsects – love ‘em or hate ‘em, they happen to play an essential role when it comes to the ecosystem, although this particular saying does not apply to all insects. For starters, mosquitoes might be the favorite food for some carnivores, but they happen to be a vector when it comes to diseases such as dengue and malaria. Other insects, like flies, are a plain nuisance – especially at birthday parties or at an outdoor picnic. Instead of swatting these flies aside, how about taking a slightly different route – with that of the $49.95 Bug Blasting Blunderbuss?

The Bug Blasting Blunderbuss will be able to blast insects to oblivion using a lethal spray of common table salt, now how about that? It is capable of accepting an adequate amount of table salt for up to 100 shots, where this particular pump-action blaster’s business end will deliver its deadly deluge with maximum prejudice at 24″ away with a wider spread (making it ideal for two-in-one shots) up to its maximum 36″ range. This means those winged creatures will be bludgeoned into an inert yet intact state – sans any disgusting splatter, too.