Budweiser Buddy Cup helps you make new friends in a chill manner

Mention Budweiser, and chances are you would think of the world famous beer brand. Well, Budweiser has come up with something that is interesting enough, so much so it might actually spur you on to return to your socializing ways at the local tavern. The Budweiser Buddy Cup, as it is called, is a new kind of “smart” beer glass which will be able to connect to Facebook thanks to an integrated chip which is located at the base of the beer glass itself. It is the creation of Agencia Africa in partnership with Bolha, a digital innovation studio in Sao Paulo, where the glass would be able to work on its own by making people friends on Facebook whenever they toast with that particular beer glass.

Sergio Gordilho, chief creative officer at Agencia Africa, said: “Innovation is in Budweiser’s DNA. Its platforms are constantly surprising consumers with the best there is in terms of premium experiences. The “Buddy Cup” is another idea bringing the brand even closer to its consumers and opening new levels of interaction for them.” This would certainly make those outings at the local watering hole a whole lot more interesting, don’t you think so?