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Budgee personal helper robot

budgeeRobots are pretty cool assistants to have around, don’t you think so? After all, they certainly do play a role in helping you to get out of a particularly tight and difficult spot from time to time. Having said that, the real world’s advancement in terms of robotics are not as fast as I would have liked, as we have yet to see the kind of individual personalities as found in the Terminator franchise, or even the nanny robot in The Jetsons cartoon. At least there is some progress, as evident by Five Elements Robotics’ work with the official launch of Budgee.

Budgee is known as the friendly robot that will follow you around, while helping you carry your stuff. The concept of Budgee was born a couple of years ago when the company came up with their very first prototype model which debuted at the RoboBusiness Conference in Santa Clara, California then. Thanks to the passage of time as well as advancement in technology, we are now able to see the vision of Budgee being realized, where it has also picked up its fair share of response from the media and excited consumers.

Budgee happens to be a robot that will follow its owner via a transceiver that the owner carries or wears. Budgee has the ability to carry up to 50lbs, and this is in spite of its lightweight form factor that tips the scales at a mere 22lbs. When not in use or should you need to bring Budgee over to your new pad, Budgee will be able to fold up for easy transportation and storage. Too bad it still cannot play fetch with your dog, or to help you out in your daily house chores, but for those who intend to add another member to their existing family, the $1,599 Budgee might be worth checking out.

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