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Little Buddy GPS device keeps track of your kids

There’s a nifty little device being sold at Best Buy which keeps track of your kids everywhere they go. It’s called the Little Buddy GPS Tracker and it uses global satellite positioning and cellphone technnology to help parents GPS track their kids, so they can be sure that they are safe at all times. And the best part is, parents can place the Little Buddy just about anywhere from backpacks to lunch boxes to even stick it into their pockets when they aren’t looking.

The accompanying website shows your child's exact location and can even send an SMS text should they move out of a designated area.
The accompanying website shows your child's exact location and can even send an SMS text should they move out of a designated area.

About the size of a USB thumb drive, the Little Buddy transmits GPS location data where parents can monitor a child’s whereabouts. And for $100, it’s a very affordable way to keep track of busy kids who can lose track of time and don’t show up when parents expect them to. It even has an SMS Text message option which will alert parents when children leave the designated area.

And the device is so popular, that Best Buy can’t keep it in stores. It’s on back order already.

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  1. nothing on bestbuys website about ongoing costs but found it on the insignia site. 14.99 per month + “Standard data and messaging charges apply” whichever they may be.

  2. Yes, with the number of children that go missing each year, every parent should use a personal GPS tracking device, but you dont have to be a parent to need or benefit from owning one of these devices. Motorcycles, skis, musical instruments, laptop computers, purses & luggage, even the family dog: EVERYBODY has SOMETHING they want to protect!!!
    When considering the purchase of a tracking device, do your homework because not all GPS systems are alike. Aside from features such as Geofencing, speed-alerts and so on, the one thing you really need to look into is the COST. Most GPS devices I’ve looked into have HIDDEN costs such as monthly/annual renewal fees or charge you per track ontop of the purchase price. When I called Best-Buy to get more info on the “Little Buddy” they couldn’t even tell what the OTHER costs of thier system were.
    I ended up buying a system called “The GPS Guadian” at . Not only did I get the device for FREE by purchasing 3 years of service up front, but I got the 4th and 5th year of service for FREE as well.

  3. This tracker worked great and let me when ever my Dad, an Atheisms patient, strayed. Then it failed to text me one day when he left my home. I did get an e mail but this is not as good as a text that comes in instantaneously. I called the product service number supplied on the website that was I suspect somewhere in India and am told at that time a service rep will contact me in 3-5 business days. Needless to say I canceled the subscription and returned the tracker to the store. On a positive note the return was accepted at the store without question. You pay $13 a month and have to wait a week for a call on something that in this case is life and death….UNACCECTABLE Best Buy get your act together!

  4. hi
    i am really interested in BUYING this “Little Buddy GPS Tracker”,i would like to know where i can get it (company location and contacts)and the sale price.ASAP

    thank you

  5. Dude, i’m 14, and i am not dumb… I mean “Stick it in their pockets when they are not looking…” Yeah. Nice try…

    Nice site tough… 😉

  6. i am interested in BUYING the little GPS Tracker
    i would like to know where i can get it and the sale price.

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