Buck up and burn cellulite

joba-rider.jpgYou know that the holiday season is just around the corner, and there are bound to be plenty of food to go around. When you’re done gorging yourself with tons of turkey and all other holiday goodies, sitting down idly by the hearth is not exactly the best thing you could do for your body. Since it is too cold outside to continue with your normal pavement pounding regime anyway, why not pick up a home exercise machine that could very well help keep you in shape? The beer belly won’t look too good when attached around your waist when summer rolls around and you head off to the beach with extra luggage. Enter the Joba Core Muscle Trainer that helps keep you in shape and even beef up your muscles through a fun and revolutionary method of exercise.

This machine simulates a horseride, and it is claimed to offer a low-impact workout that zooms in on specific muscle groups without adding any stress or pressure on joints, making it suitable for even the elderly. Each exercise session takes approximately 20 minutes to complete as you entertain yourself with a bronco bustin’ workout, planting your tush on a saddle which is capable of tilting left and right as well as back and forth in pre-programmed sequences. There is a total of three exercise patterns and nine speeds to bring a semblance of equestrian activity into your living room.

Unfortunately, Hammacher has placed a ridiculously high price tag of $1,999 to the Joba Core Muscle Trainer which is definitely a turn off for most people. For that amount of money, there are other exercise equipment which you can purchase that offers much more physical benefit in return, along with a handsome amount of spare change.

Source: Ubergizmo

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