Bubble Wrap Calender

There’s something intriguing about bubble wrap. You can try and deny its simple allure, but there is no hiding from the addicting power of popping mini-bubbles just because they’re there and you can. One of the awesome things about receiving a package in the mail is the bubble wrap that ships with any fragile item. Come on, you have to admit you pop the wrap the second you have an inkling of free time.

And we don’t blame you at all. We do the same thing. We just wish we had an opportunity to pop some bubble wrap everyday. Even if only one bubble a day. We don’t want the novelty to become less fun. The Bubble Calender designed by Stephen Turbek provides one popping bubble every day. On each corresponding date there is a bubble in need of popping. It’s the same princliple as writing an “X” across the date square, just more fun.

The Bubble Calenders have a very simple design. With a stark white background and available in both horizontal and vertical versions, the calender certainly isn’t overtly flashy. But no matter. Most of the time it’s the most basic of actions which makes us the happiest.

The poster sized Bubble Calender won’t burst your bubble of anticipation. You’ll wake up every morning knowing you have a fresh piece of bubble wrap to pop. The extra bonus being that you can keep up with the date in the mean time. If you order the Bubble Calender printed on paper it’ll cost you $30. The plastic printed version will set you back $50.

Product Page via Cool Hunting