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Bubble Pet Toy

For anyone that has an active pet in their home will really enjoy watching their best friend play with this Bubble Pet Toy.

I just got a new kitten and I now realize that they play with anything in sight that moves, as do new puppies. This Bubble Kitty™ and Bubble Buddy™ are scented for more enjoyment that your pet will love.

Not only will you love watching your pet jump and grab bubbles but they will also be getting much needed exercise. Many pets today that stay indoors do not get the luxury of running and chasing things around even if it is only an autumn leaf that has fallen to the ground. Because pets are not getting as much exercise as they need they are becoming ill and their life expectancy is not what it should be. Pets are just like people, they need food, water and exercise to live a happy and healthy life. The Bubble Kitty™ and Bubble Buddy™ will give them exercise and fun at the same time.

For kitties, the bubbles are scented with their all time favorite catnip while puppies will certainly enjoy the sizzling bacon aroma. Both of the bubble sets for either cats or dogs come with a four-ounce bottle of scented bubbles and they are completely safe for your pet and for people as well.

The Bubble Kitty™ and Bubble Buddy™ are very easy to use. All you have to do is fill the chamber with the bubble solution and then pump the trigger and the bubbles will be off and flying through the air.

They are recommended for outdoor use, but you can always test furniture, carpet, etc… to ensure that the bubbles will not stain furniture. No batteries required.

These great gadgets are around $18.00USD and £14.99.