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BSXinsight ensures fitness buffs have a more accurate reading of their own bodies

bsxinsightBSX Athletics happens to be a sports tech company that is an industry leader when it comes to real-time muscle monitoring. Not only that, they have just rolled out the second generation BSXinsight, where this particular model will see its capabilities expanded to include the likes of real-time monitoring of muscle oxygenation, daily activity tracking, and third party connectivity. The BSXinsight works this way- it will collect personal workout data, and then athletes will be encouraged to make use of it in real-time. In other words, athletes are now better equipped to make meaningful on-demand adjustments in the midst of their workouts, knowing that they are maximizing their training session by being at peak performance.

The BSXinsight is a whole lot more than just a regular fitness tracker, as Dr. Dustin Freckleton, CEO of BSX Athletics, explained, “Muscle Oxygenation [SmO2] is a new concept to the athletic world, but one that is gaining tremendous traction, and will soon be recognized as the most important real-time metric possible. Oxygen is the central piece of energy production which makes muscle oxygenation critical for any athlete to keep track of during their training. Similar to heart-rate training, muscle oxygenation can help you understand your daily training. However, where heart-rate is influenced by conditional factors like stress, temperature, sleep, and hydration, SmO2 is constant, more dependable and accurate. Muscle oxygenation is also much more immediate.”

With the clever use of optical technology and consumer safe LEDs, BSXinsight will be able to keep track of the critical energy systems in the muscles, and all of these will be translated into relevant information that the athlete can process, giving them a picture on the amount of effort that they have left to give in their daily training. This would go some way in assisting athletes in identifying the trends and opportunities which can help improve their performance over time.

The BSXinsight can be picked up in a trio of models – the BSXinsight XR2 running edition,BSXinsight XC2 cycling edition, and the BSXinsight XM2 multisport edition which will retail for $299.99, $369.99 and $419.99, respectively.

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