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BSXinsight delivers the first wearable, non-invasive lactate threshold sensor

BSX-LifestyleExercising is something that should be encouraged by all and sundry, this is for sure. After all, who does not want to remain slim and fit throughout their entire lives, while maintaining a healthy outlook in life? A fit person is always more alert and they tend to be happier as well, and thankfully, there are tools out there which will be able to help us out in our fitness regime – by maximizing the amount of effort we put in so that we can reap the best results. Having said that, BSXinsight has developed a fitness tool which will be able to measure lactate threshold, performance zones, cadence, calories, heart rate and more, now how about that? If you are someone like Wolverine or the Hulk, this is not for you since your muscles would never experience any kind lactic acid build up in the first place anyway.

Thanks to BSX Athletics, the groundbreaking BSXinsight is now ready to ship to the masses. This is a crowd funded device that also happens to carry the distinction of it being the world’s very first wearable sensor that is able to measure lactate threshold – and upon doing so, it will automatically identify personalized training zones.

Lactate threshold is said to be the golden standard of performance measurement by Olympians and professional athletes around the world. The BSXinsight happens to be the only device at this point in time which will be able to measure lactate without having to go through a painful blood draw or a grueling performance lab visit, which means it now available to everyday fitness enthusiasts.

It will make use of optical technology to read the oxygenation level of a person’s blood through the calf before translating such information to blood lactate level. This is a non-intrusive sensor that can be worn comfortably around the calf, and it will pair up with the user’s smartphones through Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity so that information can be relayed to the app in real time. One can choose from running ($299.99), cycling ($369.99) and multisport ($419.99) editions.

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