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The Brydge 7.9 Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad mini keeps you busy


It takes a multi-tasker to be successful nowadays. There isn’t very much free time to go around anymore when you’re working three jobs to make ends meet, and time off becomes a chance to get ahead on work rather than constantly playing the game of catchup. This means our leisure gadgets like tablets end up being a larger work hub than our phones, which in turn makes us want to get ¬†accessories to make it easier to work efficiently when we’re on the move.

While an iPad mini is great for portability, it’s nice to type on an actual keyboard, and there are million Bluetooth options available on the market. If you prefer to have all of your gear match aesthetically or perfectly, then you’ll love the Brydge 7.9 Keyboard. This is a backlit aluminum keyboard that will help keep your productivity high wherever you go, even in low or no light situations. There’s also a strong hinge so you can put your viewing angle from 0-180 degrees.

This only weighs 11 ounces, and will meet up perfectly with your iPad mini 4, so you don’t need to remove it or stash it separately. There are three levels for the backlighting, and the aluminum body comes in color options of gold, silver, or grey. They don’t come cheap at $99.99, but that’s somewhat expected since it’s a perfect fit both size and style-wise.

Available for purchase on Amazon