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The Bruvelo makes coffee just how you like it

Bruvelo Coffee Maker

We seem to talk about coffee a lot, and the reason being is that it’s what keeps us upright and moving forward. There are just so many different ways to brew it and such variation between every cup that it’s easy to get excited about what method you can use next. Of course, with our busy schedules, it’s usually best to use some sort of automatic setup. However, that’s not always going to provide you with the most delicious coffee in the world.

If you want to take the guesswork out of making good coffee without having to use something made of plastic, then the Bruvelo might be an option to look into. If you remember the Arist from the other day, this is quite similar, but takes a different spin. While the Arist is aimed more towards those who have a bit of a sweet tooth, the Bruvelo takes more interest in making the perfect black cup of coffee. It has a coconut shell carbon block water filter that will give you some really tasty (or tasteless I should say) water. This system uses a standard 01 coffee filter, and will pre-rinse it before the brewing process begins.

There is a touchscreen console on the base that will let you choose what drink you’d like, or you can pick through the corresponding smartphone app. After picking your desired strength and temperature, you simply add in your beans until the Bruvelo tells you to stop, and it will grind them to your specifications. This will cost you $350, and has a small amount of daily maintenance. Seeing that the Arist is the same general idea with more customization and at a cheaper price, the Bruvelo may not get past the crowdfunding phase. Should it make it to the market, there’s a good chance it will be cheaper though.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter