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Bruno – a trash can that can double as a mini vacuum


When you’re doing spring cleaning, you want to start from the top of the house and work your way down. Wiping down walls and cabinets, then counter tops and tables, and finally the floors. That way everything will end up on the ground, and you’ll only need to sweep and mop as the final step. Of course, if you only have the good ole broom and dustpan, then you’ll have to deal with that last, tiny line of dust that never seems to make it onto the pan.

You can pull out a vacuum instead if you’d like, but you still have to dump it in the trash to clean it out, which is undoubtedly going to fly all over the place in the process. Bruno is a trash can that will not only act as a waste can, but is able to suck up dust and dirt you sweep under it, then deposit it directly into the trash bag. There’s a storage pod to put trash bags in so you never have to worry about having to dig out more when it’s full.

This is connected to a smartphone app that will tell you when you’re low on bags and can remind you of when trash day is. There’s a motion sensing lid so you don’t have to step on anything or lift the lid when your hands are full or covered in food. Obviously this needs power to work, but can last for 30 days on one charge. This is available in white, gray, red, blue, and stainless for $179. It is a neat idea, but accidentally opening the lid when it’s sucking in hair and dirt, or forgetting to charge this could be unpleasant.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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