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Brugo – Cools Coffee One Sip at a Time


This is a cool idea, a temperature controlled mug that only adjusts the temperature of the amount of liquid that is needed.

Compromise no more! The patented, thermodynamic science of BRUGO gives you the power to immediately enjoy the most vibrant flavor at the perfect drinking temperature. And because you only cool each sip, the remaining coffee stays hotter and more aromatic. Plus, BRUGO’s elegant design and sleek chrome accents will emphasize your discriminating taste.

No word yet on price or availability, though you can find more pictures over on My Favourite Things (not that more pictures really helps, it’s a mug) [via Crib Candy].

4 thoughts on “Brugo – Cools Coffee One Sip at a Time”

  1. Thanks Tim, I was obviously a bit behind on that one, I’d say I’ve not seen it in the UK yet but if I do that I’m just asking for another correction 🙂 .

  2. Brugo Travel Coffee Mugs. My mother bought them for my husband and I from QVC. She’s an elderly woman and they obviously sold her on the idea these would be good for hard working people. I’m sorry she completely wasted her money and want to get the word out to discourage anyone from buying them. The design is terrible; IT DOES NOT KEEP COFFEE HOT. You can’t read the settings, let alone read them while driving. The sip area is flat so the coffee dribbles down the side. The sip area is a fake chrome, so it looks disgusting after you sip it. It only fits one standard mug size of coffee, which is far less than any of the Starbucks or other high end travel mugs. It has a seal for the top that is a small rubber band, which continually falls out in the dishwasher. In other words, I don’t have the heart to tell my dear mother that her money was completely stolen from her in the purchase of these mugs, but I can keep others from wasting their money. There are hardly words that can capture my complete and utter dissatisfaction.

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