Brownies!! I want the corner!!! Oh,, really? All corners?!

Baker's edgeYep, all corners!! That’s the wonderful promise of this new pan from The Baker’s Edge. Conveniently enough, it’s called the Baker’s Edge and it’s just what the Doctor ordered!

Well that is, if the Doctor is doctor Stay Puft, Pom-Pom or his cousin Bibendum!

They know you love to eat the corner of the brownie pan. Now you can make sure that’s all you have.

Granted, you’ve got a sweet tooth, and as the holidays grow, and your waistline gradually reaches that of the Airship Akron, (likely with small planes flying around you).

That said, there are any number of amazing snacks where the power of the corner can truly shine, and this pan would do the trick.  From chilled desserts (think a properly adulterated gelatin dessert, removed as some sort of “squiggly thing” (I’ll let you take that where you want)), to hot cheese based dishes.  We all love cheese once it’s crusted and burnt just lightly, that happens on the edges, so what could be better than more edges?!!!! MMMmmmm, I have an au-grautin potato recipe that’s making my mouth water (ok, it’s mostly cheese, but I swear there are potatoes in there!)

Rather than a flame war about the merits of different levels of burn in your food that you prefer, why not actually pitch some darn good things to eat here?

I’m noticing I’ve been posting about burnt food, what’s that about, yesterday, toasters, today brownies.  Just wait, next time maybe deep fat fryers or twinkie roasters!  (umm, I just made that last one up, so if it’s good, I take credit if it’s bad,, I’m just joking, (and let me know if you try it!))

Have a great weekend!

Thanks to Neatorama for the tip! And apparently they got it from Dustbury (gosh I hope it’s not cacheing!) (yes that is a pun, sorry.)

Baker's edge