Brolly Texting Umbrella

How many folks text while walking around, so much so that you have somehow managed to get used to your “radar” system, that you are able to avoid other people while finding your way to your destination in the midst of replying text messages and WhatsApp hoots? Of course, some of you out there might have read about this particular nursing student in Shenzen, China, who walked into a crowded elevator, and at the floor of her destination, she walked out while transfixed on her handset – only to have the elevator malfunction ala the first Resident Evil movie, where her neck was broken as the elevator doors closed and the entire carriage moved downwards, to the horror of the rest of the folks in the same elevator. Enter the $19.99 Brolly Texting Umbrella that will not prevent such mishaps from happening, but at the very least it frees up one hand to perhaps avoid the elevator doors from jamming if you are thrown into such a scenario.

The Brolly Texting Umbrella comes with a soft and rubbery finger-grip handle, ensuring you need not hold onto your umbrella at all. Your fingers will be able to loop through, as they keep it in place, and you are then able to compose a reply via a text message. This ensures you always have a firm grip on your expensive gadgets while staying dry.