Brixo just put an awesome new spin on LEGOs


Do you remember what it was like to be completely immersed in playing pretend? An entire afternoon was spent in some faraway place that didn’t exist, and we could visit it whenever we wanted. LEGOs made that even more fun since we could materialize an aspect of that world in a real space, and the only limits to what we made was our creativity. Nowadays it’s hard to find something fun that you can sink into in the same way, unless it’s Minecraft.

 If you really did love LEGOs and still think about playing with them from time to time (or still do), then you’re probably looking for ways to make it more fun. Brixo came up with a brilliant plan to make these blocks more enticing in an educational way. These are bricks that have sensors, motors, connected apps, and are battery-powered. They basically gave LEGOs an upgrade and will now let them do tricks.

It wouldn’t be hard to lose an afternoon in playing with these as you’ll have a trigger block, connector blocks, and an action block. They’re covered in chrome, and have unique plastic arms that connect them electrically to carry out pretty much any function you can think of. You can make a moving Ferris wheel, a light that will alert you to emails or turn on when the lights go off, or you can program it to do more complex functions such as give your dog a treat for going to their crate if someone comes to the door. There aren’t any wires or springs, it has built-in safety mechanisms, and is 100% compatible with other building bricks on the market. The standard kit which gives you a motor block, 20 2×1 blocks, 3 2×2 blocks, 30 4×1 blocks, 2 LED lights, 1 light switch, and 1 proximity switch will cost you $59.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter