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British Horticulturist Bee House looks prim and proper

british-bee-housePretty much like all things British, everything needs to arrive in a prim and proper form factor, as is the case with the $39.95 British Horticulturist Bee House. This is one particularly low-maintenance house that is capable of attracts solitary bees – you know, of the non-stinging and non-swarming species. These might seem to be harmless in nature, but they are actually very essential in the overall realm of things, especially since they are of utmost importance when it comes to pollinating flowers and nurturing lush gardens.

Recommended by Britain’s Royal Horticultural Society, this wooden apiary comes outfitted with a couple of dozen slim tunnels, where gentle solitary species such as the Red Mason and leafcutter bees lay individual larvae, all sans the frenzy of communal hives. The bee house will be made from naturally weather-resistant Forest Stewardship Council cedar which will not mold or rot. All that you need to do is to mount the habitat about 5′ high where it will then face the morning sun, and wait as you see mature bees emerge several months later to fertilize flora without hounding children or pets. Certainly a whole lot more fun than a bird house, don’t you think so?