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Brightness Zooming Bed Reader’s Lamp lets you continue with your tome as your partner sleeps

brightness-zoomingHow do you normally wind down at the end of the day? Some of us prefer to take a nice, warm bath and then followed by a foot massage, while others would love the soothing tunes of centuries old maestros over a kick-ass audio system. Reading is another pleasure that not many people indulge in these days, either, and doing so in the comfort of your bed is a really relaxing experience. However, if you share your bed with someone else, then a reading lamp is essential. Why not check out the $149.95 Brightness Zooming Bed Reader’s Lamp?

The Brightness Zooming Bed Reader’s Lamp is a wall-mounted light with dual heads, allowing one to power the scope on their side from a spotlight to floodlight — doing so without disturbing a sleeping partner. This is made possible thanks to a pair of independently controlled 2-watt LEDs that radiate a beam which will widen or narrow through its adjustable lampshade, illuminating fine details of crafts or providing optimal light for reading. Each light can also slide along a 19 1/4″ track and its 14″ gooseneck will let you raise, lower, or twist the light for optimal light projection. LEDs offer a bright, focused glow without the heat, too!

1 thought on “Brightness Zooming Bed Reader’s Lamp lets you continue with your tome as your partner sleeps”

  1. My husband and I have built a new home. We are interested in a light above our bed. This one has caught our eye….however…. I wondered if we could get the manufacturer of this particuler lamp as #1 I need it in an “oil rubbed bronze color to match the decor, and #2 I need to have it direct wired and not a plug in model. I would special order it if I can. Can you help?

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