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The Brightest Lawn Dart Set lights up your evenings

brightest-lawn-dart-setThere is nothing quite like having a relaxing evening at the end of a rather challenging day at the office, is there? You get to spend a few hours with family and those whom you love, over a good meal and having a great time of fellowship. Well, sometimes watching TV or playing Scrabble can get a bit boring, so why not take the move to try out something that is totally different from what you are used to? I am referring to the $49.95 Brightest Lawn Dart Set.

The Brightest Lawn Dart Set happens to be a lawn dart set that glows brighter than lesser sets, doing so literally courtesy of twin LEDs that come with each dart. Being different from other models that make use of quickly-fading phospor that have been embedded into their shafts, each dart in this set will come with a bright LED built that is built into its tail, and one will be located in its mid-shaft which would allow easy tracking during nighttime matches. Each dart will also come with a soft rubber rounded tip which has been weighted to enable authentic lawn dart launches and trajectories toward the two LED-illuminated 17″-diameter targets. Each purchase comes with four darts – two of them blue, while another two are green, a dart carrier, and a doze AG3 batteries.