Bright Idea USB Lightbulb

bright-idea-usbMost of the time, in a cartoon or in a movie, whenever the character experiences an “Eureka!” moment, a light bulb would just appear on the head. Well, just in case your boss thinks that you are the dimmest bulb in the office, prove him or her wrong by picking up the £10.99 Bright Idea USB Lightbulb. Yes sir, I think you do know just which direction I am heading with this – it is the perfect desk accessory which lets the world around you know just how many brilliant thoughts you would have come up with throughout the eight hours at the desk!

Located right at the end of a sturdy and flexible arm, lies the Bright Idea USB Lightbulb which happens to be a fuss-free lamp, sans switches, where it will also not come with a lampshade nor any legs. No sir, it is up to that creative mind of yours to concentrate and deliberate over grand ideas. You will find it emit a soft and soothing blue light as long as it remains plugged into any USB port, where it will shine some reassuring illumination whenever you need to work late into the night. Not only that, it will glow in the dark even when it is not plugged in, how about that for innovation?

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