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The Briefcase USB Turntable


I’ve never had a moment where I felt as if I was in dire need of a turntable concealed inside of a briefcase.  Then again, I could be the oddball, maybe everyone is dying for a record player that they can carry around everywhere.  Granted it’s not as portable as an MP3 player, but it’s unlikely that it’s much heavier than a laptop.  You’ll look completely professional up until you open it up and people realize you’re toting around a turntable.

The high-quality turntable will convert all of your precious vinyl into digital format.  It’s a belt driven mechanism that will play 7”, 10” and 12” records.  It also features a fully automatic return tone arm and built-in dynamic full range stereo speakers.  The exterior is wrapped in vinyl and has connectors to hook the turntable up to your USB port.  You can pick up the Briefcase USB Turntable for $69.99 from Think Geek.

Source: RGS